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Nux is a War Boy, a warrior of Immortan Joe's Citadel in the film, Mad Max: Fury Road.

Nux's parents brought him to the Citadel as a toddler. In a desolate and horrific world, they stayed together as a family, until his father died at work up high and his mother died. Knowing his father might be at the top of the Citadel, he clung onto the raised platform as it ascended the heights. The guards were impressed by his tenacity and strength, and he was renamed Nux - a hard nut to crack - and allowed to be a War Pup, working on engines in the subterranean depths of the Citadel's garages. Immortan Joe became a surrogate father/god/savior from on high.

Nux grew up - surviving childhood was a notable feat - as a mechanic and an avid fanatic in the Cult of V-8. He became a driver and a War Boy, one of the Immortan's half-life warriors. During the events of Fury Road, Nux is dying from exposure to the harsh environment, and his greatest wish is to die historic on the Fury Road and enter Valhalla, the promised afterlife of the War Boys. He tries to sacrifice himself to stop Imperator Furiosa and the escaped Wives three times, and he fails. The last time he is discounted by Immortan Joe himself.

After forming a bond with Capable, the Wife who finds him hiding, broken and lost, on the War Rig, he joins the escapees. He does, when it counts, end up sacrificing himself to save the people he's sided with.

Nux the War Boy died historic on the Fury Road. He was no longer a boy, though. He'd become a man.

His entry into Milliways is immediately after the fiery crash that kills him. Nux has never known a world with ample water and food, and he has had a life of injuries and sickness. He is tall, thin, and bald and his chest bears a large scarification of a V-8 engine. The tip of his nose has been damaged, and his face scarred. At some point his mouth was sewn shut; his lips are damaged as a result. His skin was pale even before applying the white dusting powder used to mark the War Boys, and his eyes are dark and hollowed. His personality is enthusiastic (if a bit frenetic) and now that he is free of the influence of Immortan Joe and has learned about friendship and hope, he has a lot of room to grow.

Even if he's dead.

[Nux is the creation and property of George Miller. This is a role-playing journal solely for play in [community profile] milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made. Nicholas Hoult is the actor who portrays him and belongs to himself.)

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